Door Caddy Isolation kit

The isolation kit is an alternative to a cleaning trolley which is more place demanding and has to be cleaned and disinfected after use. Door Caddy isolation kit is designed to hang up on the door to the patient in isolation.

Items in one place
Practical tool

Door Caddy single use isolation kit – Ready to hang up

The isolations kit has place for the necessary personal protective equipment and 3 sizes of gloves easy to take from the box through the holes in the pockets. Also place for packs of Wet Wipe Chlorine or Ethanol Disinfection wipes. The pockets for personal protective equipment can be closed to avoid dirt and dust. Wet Wipe Door Caddy is for single use only and therefore no need for cleaning and disinfection.

The effective suction cups can be reused and are delivered together with the isolation kit

This section contains documentation on Wet Wipe Door Caddy

Product datasheet (pdf)

Non-woven, blue

Product numbers Door Caddy set

Item no. 31103: Door Caddy incl. suction cups
Carton of 5 packets and 10 suction cups

Item no. 33103: Door Caddy
Carton of 5 packets

Item no. 32103: suction cups
Box of 2 units