Water-soluble effervescent tablets containing sodium dichloroisocyanurate

Wet Wipe Chlorine Disinfection tabs ensure optimal and simple disinfection compared to traditional disinfection methods.

minute against virus
minutes against bacterial spores

Wet wipe Chlorine Disinfection Tabs are a disinfectant in the form of water-soluble effervescent tablets containing sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC). When the tablets dissolve in water, chlorine is dispersed in its most active disinfection form, hypochlorous acid (HOCl), also known as active chlorine. Using solution has an oxidizing effect, but is not bleaching like hypochlorite.
Wet Wipe Chlorine Disinfection is recommended when there is a need for a fast-acting disinfectant against viruses <1 min and disinfection efficacy against bacterial spores <10 min.
The product can be used for both, isolation as well as routine disinfection by adjusting solutions ppm.>>

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Product sheet
Safety Data sheet

1,7 gram Natriumdikloroisocyanurat (NaDCC, troclosen natrium) in one tablet.

Examples of use:

  • Disinfection of surfaces such as floor, tables, sinks, showers, toilet facilities that are at risk of infection with bacterial spores.
  • Manual disinfection of instruments and equipment that can withstand chlorine.

Product no. 60300, Wet Wipe Chlorine Disinfection Tabs

Box of 200 tablets by 1,7 gram.