Veterinary sector

A practical solution for cleaning and disinfecting every area of small-animal veterinary hospitals and large-animal veterinary practices.

These highly specialised products have been developed to reduce the time spent on cleaning and disinfecting your equipment at the clinic or practice.
The unique perforated surface of the wipes makes it possible to remove 99.99% of bacteria while wiping down surfaces. This makes the wipes ideal as an effective way of reducing infection.

Product overview

Why use wet wipes?

  • Ready to use

  • Kill virus, bacteria, and spores

  • Protect your patients from infections

Examples of where to use Wet Wipes products

Desk/Shop: Shelves, IT equipment, tables / chairs, Office: tables, telephones, IT equipment, Lounge: tables, cabinets, window shades

Cages: The disinfectant must be strong enough to kill disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Wet Wipe has developed Floor Mops for effective cleaning of the operating bench, floor and walls,. It can also be used in waitingrooms were all the animals are staying together and were the risk of spreading diseases is high.