Wet Wipe Triamin Disinfection

Disposable disinfection wipes for disinfection processes and for pre-cleaning of surgical instruments. Can be used as alternative to enzymatic cleaners and traditional detergents. The package has a reclosable click lid.

minutes is the maximum exposure time
minutes will kill most veg. bacteria

Wet Wipes Triamin Disinfection kills vegetative bacteria, yeast and enveloped viruses (for instance HIV and Hepatitis B/C) under dirty and blood soiled conditions. With a maximum exposure time of 5 minutes. Most vegetative bacteria are killed within 2 minutes.

No water rinse after disinfection of environmental and contact surfaces. Compatible with irregular surfaces and instruments with cavities due to low foam.

The disinfection liquid in non-sticky to surfaces and residual build-up can be easily removed by wiping with damp-moist cloth. No discoloration

This section contains documentation that our disposable wipes deliver on our promise. This page contains a collection of articles, test results, data sheets, CEI statements, safety data sheets etc.

Product sheet
Safety datasheet

The biocidal active ingredient is Laurylamine Dipropylenediamine with CAS No.: 2372-82-9. It is a non-ionic disinfection agent that is not used in antiseptic skin disinfection procedures, which minimizes the risk of development of cross resistance.

The wipes have a pH of 8 – 9 and contain no dyes, or perfume.

Lauramylamine Dipropylenediamine is due to its non-ionic character compatible with viscose wipes and will not be neutralized by negatively charged viscose fibres.
2 years stability. To be used within 30 days after opening.

Remember always to read instruction for use before use

These wipes were developed for use on critical surfaces subject to frequent hand contact in the hospital and care sector, e.g. water taps, toilet buttons, keyboards, door handles, electricity outlets, remote controls, patient telephones etc.

How to use the disinfection wipes

The wipes are packed in bags of 20, easy to fit in a product trolley or pocket.

Remove wipe from bag
Remove dirt
Dispose of wipe in rubbish bin, and start afresh!

The wipes ensure uniform disinfection and cleaning every time, avoiding spread of bacteria as the wipes are discarded after use. Result: A clean and shiny surface.

Wet Wipe Triamin Disinfection wipes are manufactured in two sizes.

Product no. 81133: Triamin Disinfection Mini
1 package contains 25 wipes, 20×30 cm

Product no. 81153: Triamin Disinfection Maxi
1 package contains 20 wipes, 43×30 cm