Food sector

Cleaning and Disinfection: Improving Food Safety and Operational Efficiency in Food Processing

Cleaning in the food industry is not an easy task. However, it is a critical step within food production since it is crucial to maintain and guarantee food safety. Wet Wipe has developed wipes to use in the food sector for everyday cleaning and for spot cleaning in critical areas to increase the hygiene.

Product overview

Why use wet wipes?

  • Ready to use

  • Kill virus, bacteria, and spores

  • Optimal disinfection

Examples of where to use Wet Wipes products

For example, applied to: steel surfaces, toppings / cutters, chipboards, weights, electronic equipment, sampling equipment, thermometers, tables, production equipment, packing lines, etc.

Wet Wipe has developed Floor Mops for effective cleaning of the floors and walls. Very suitable for toilets, laboratories, isolation rooms etc.