Floor mops

We have expanded our concept and applied it to floor mops – an efficient solution for cleaning, spill control and disinfection of small areas.

Wet Wipe has designed and developed floormops to increase hygiene in places of waste, as well as ensure better working conditions for cleaning workers.

The focus has been on making mop + accessories as simple as possible, without adversely affecting the quality of cleaning and any disinfection.

Application rate of floor mops

Dust mop

  • Used 80% of the times when floormop is needed
  • Used for cosmetic cleaning
  • Ideal for wiping off dust and removing dirt

Universal mop

  • Used 15% of the times when floormop is needed
  • Effective and hygienic
  • Used for wet cleaning
  • Ideal for areas with high hygiene requirements

Chlorine mop

  • Used 5% of the times when floormop is needed
  • Ensures optimal hygiene
  • Used for disinfection in clean rooms
  • Ideal for outbreaks and isolation cleaning

How does it work?

Using the mop system:

  • Attach to the sole of the feeder.

  • Place the disposable wipe on the floor.

  • Push the sole on to the disposable wipe.

  • Start the cleaning of the floor.

  • Discard the wipe and sole after use.

  • Clean the feeder and the telescopic handle.

Mop accessories


  • Designed in a way that can withhold a very wet wipe or mop
  • High capacity to absorb the impact from unevenness of the surface

Telescopic handle and feeder

  • Telescopic handle can be adjusted from 100 to 160 cm in length
  • The feeder comes in two sizes: 40 and 60 cm