Wet Wipe Ethanol Disinfection with detergent

Wet Wipe Ethanol Disinfection With Detergent are Disposable wipes, ready for simultaneous cleaning and surface disinfection. The package has a reclosable click lid.

seconds is the maximum exposure time
seconds will kill most veg. bacteria

Wet Wipe Disinfection wipes containing ethanol, water and soap are effective disinfectants against multi-resistant bacteria such as MRSA and ESBL, coli bacteria, legionella and other vegetative bacteria as well as most viruses.

This section contains documentation that our disposable wipes deliver on our promise. This page contains a collection of articles, test results, data sheets, CEI statements, safety data sheets etc.

Product sheet
Safety datasheet


< 1% H2O > 14.00%


Remember always to read instruction for use before use

To be used in e.g. operating rooms, intensive care units, examination rooms, patient rooms and for any equipment that does not tolerate ethanol. According to a statement from CEI, December 2011, this product can be used to disinfect surfaces where the aim is to reduce the amount of bacteria or fungi, and for disinfection jobs involving noroviruses.

Keep wipes in a well-ventilated, heat-protected area. Dispose of as ordinary waste. Use gloves and avoid contact with the eyes.

Please note that any area to be disinfected with alcohol MUST be cleaned first to achieve the desired effect. This information comes from a Danish report containing advice and directions on disinfection in the healthcare sector, published in 2004 by the Central Unit for Hospital Hygiene and the Statens Serum Institute (SSI), among others. The report states: “Alcohols are easily inactivated by organic material, which is why surfaces must be cleaned prior to disinfection with alcohol”. Wet Wipe Disinfection wipes containing ethanol provide simultaneous cleaning and disinfection and thus make your workflow quicker and easier

The disposable wipes are manufactured in two sizes.

Product no. 25069 Ethanol Disinfection Mini
1 package contains 25 wipes, 20×30 cm

Product no. 25067 Ethanol Disinfection Maxi
1 package contains 20 wipes, 43×30 cm

1 package contains 20 wipes, 43×30 cm