This section contains documentation that our products deliver on our promise. This page contains a collection of articles, test results, data sheets, CEI statements, safety data sheets etc.


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Documentation for cleaning series

Wet Wipe Universal

41153; 41133

Wet Wipe Universal Mop


Documentation for disinfection series

Disinfection without ethanol

Wet Wipe Triamin Disinfection

81153; 81133

Product sheet
Safety datasheet

Ethanol based disinfection

Wet Wipe Ethanol Disinfection

25067; 25069

Product sheet
Safety datasheet

Wet Wipe Ethanol Disinfection without detergent

51153; 51133

Product sheet
Safety datasheet

Food approved disinfection

Wet Wipe Ethanol Disinfection 70%


Product sheet
Safety datasheet

Documentation for miscelaneous

Wet Wipe Wallmount

31066; 30065

Product sheet

Wet Wipe Door Caddy


Product sheet