Dental sector

Highly specialised produtcs that can be used for professional cleaning of the clinic with care and thoroughness.

It requires a special systematic and thoroughness to clean clinics so that the health and safety of the patients are in the top.
Wet Wipe has among other developed highly specialised wipes to be used in everyday cleaning around the patiens and without detroying the equipment. 

Product overview

Why use wet wipes?

  • Ready to use

  • Kill virus, bacteria, and spores

  • Protect your patients from infections

Examples of where to use wet wipes

Light switches, doorhandles, armchairs etc. can become reservoirs of microbial contamination. It is also important to clean and disinfect surfaces or equipment that do not contact patients directly but can become contaminated during patient care.

Wet Wipe has developed Floor Mops for effective cleaning of the floor, walls, and ceilings for small areas like the toilet facilities and in case of spillage etc.