Cleaning sector

Wet wipes products make the work in the cleaning sector easier and more thourgh than traditional cleaning produtcs.

Wet Wipe surface cleaning and disinfection wipes cut off infection routes. The disposable wipes are a ready-mixed product that saves time and ensures a uniform mixing ratio every time.

Product overview

Why use wet wipes?

  • Ready to use

  • Kill virus, bacteria, and spores

  • Protect your patients from infections

Examples of where to use Wet Wipes products

Beds, Bedside Table, Assistive Equipment – Wheelchairs, Lift, Exercise Equipment, door handles, keyboards, phones, chairs, bearings, hoses and other equipment.

Wet Wipe has developed Floor Mops for effective cleaning of the floor, walls, and ceilings for small areas like the toilet facilities and in case of spillage etc.